Why Didn't I Think Of That?: Doritos Pepper Grinder Hack (Is Hardly A Hack, Definitely Delicious)

October 3, 2012


This is a pepper grinder somebody filled with smashed up Cool Ranch Doritos so they can sprinkle those tasty little flavor specks on everything they eat. It's a smart idea. Same goes for filling one with Hot-N-Spicy Tabasco Cheez-It's. No word if it'll also work on peanut butter M&M's, but I'm just one trip to the grocery store from finding out.

Thanks to Karen W, who puts ground up Andy Capp Hot Fries on everything because she knows what's up.

  • ZomBBombeR

    I don't know if this changes life as I know it but, it definitely changes the way I season my food XD

  • n11

    Personally, I prefer intense pickle flavour, delicious.

  • rikster81

    im going to try my favorite NACHO CHEESE!!!!!!

  • Guest

    This person should get an award for such as awesome idea.

  • LAN connection


  • captaindash

    You must either be 12, or an idiot. What is with trolls who have nothing more to contribute than to point out that they have heard of something before? I bet you heard about it 4 days ago. I also bet in the schoolyard you are the one who's favorite line is "oh yeah, that's nothing, this one guy....". People don't like you.

  • James May

    I'm sooo gonna try this....I mean, not in front of anyone... but I def gotta try it.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    probably work better if you ran the chips through a food processor first then the pepper grinder.

  • MSG > Real Spicez. Doiiii'

    ^ that is me being a fucking moron like the rest of the world.

  • My life... is now complete.

  • Guest

    My life is changed forever....

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