Who Thinks Of This Stuff?: 'Evil Dead' Cabin Diorama Hat (Now With More BONUS Book Of The Dead Costume)

October 30, 2012


This is a little diorama of the cabin from 'The Evil Dead' built ON A HAT by Kiersten Essenpreis for her Halloween costume. You can see her friend Marc's Book of the Dead costumes (with opening cover) after the jump. Admittedly, she did a great job, it's just not a very PRACTICAL hat. You know what are though? Jimmy hats. Wrap those wieners up, kids. "But--" Yes, even for in the butt.

Hit the jump for Ash and the worthwhile Book of the Dead costume.




Thanks to beebs, who agrees the only good kind of dead is the unevil kind. Right? I'm tired of ghosts trying to touch me in my sleep.

  • McfeelySmackup

    Say what you will about that hat...but that is one homely chick.

  • Lee

    "Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart!" Brings back memories

    If your gonna watch the movies just keep in mind they went from Scary in the first movie to sorta scary but funny in the second to "Hmm, that last movie wasnt very scary, so f*** it were gonna make this last one comedy"

  • disqus_6viZ5delmf

    I don't see Ash brah.

  • Guest

    I think these are pretty awesome. :D

  • And.......... now I'm watching Evil Dead.

  • Guest

    I'm with ya' *grabs from movie tyme shelf*.

  • anyone notice the tri-force in the front page of the book? o.o

  • James Mcelroy

    Sweet hat.
    "Joey Bevo sent me over."

  • Last picture is quite Iron Maiden-y.

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