Ladies Get The Breaking Water Balloon Hair Treatment

October 15, 2012

Remember the series of bald guys with breaking water balloon "wigs" by Tim Tadder? Well here's another series of the same thing, except with bald women. As you can see, this lady here looks suspiciously like a cyborg, so she probably short-circuited right after the picture was taken. Reminds me of the time I 9-volt batteried my nips in the bathtub. Unrelated depressing fact: I just found out I have lower back hair. It's like, between my spine and love handles. I discovered it when I was checking my ass in the mirror for dingleberries and almost passed out from disgust with myself.

Hit the jump for more.

Thanks to chichi, who wears a spiky pink wig sometimes to channel her alter ego who is like some crazy space princess or something.

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