'The Hobbit' Coins And Stamps Coming To New Zealand

October 10, 2012


The New Zealand mint is set to release sets of The Hobbit themed coins and stamps to celebrate...I dunno, making money off all the fans who will buy them. Suckers! The gold coins cost $3,700 ($11,000 for the three coin set), the silver 8 coin set costs $890, and the doodoo brown aluminum/zinc coins will cost $30 ($85 for the three coin set). The stamp set costs $15 and is the only thing I can afford. Or should I say, WILL be able to afford when I get my next allowance. Each coin features a different Hobbit character and an inscription in Khuzdul (the language of the Dwarves) that reads, 'He who dies with the biggest axe wins.' Fine, it just says 'Middle Earth - New Zealand.' Unfortunately, on the other side of every coin there's some old lady's face. "That's Queen Elizabeth." Whoever she is, I don't want her on my Hobbit coins. If I'm dropping all this money on collector's items you better believe I want HOBBIT RELATED IMAGERY ON BOTH SIDES. Cool, a Gandalf coin! And who's this on the other side -- is this one of his witch friends?

Hit the jump for the rest of the coins and the stamps.







Thanks to abnormal norm, who agrees if a coin costs $3,700 it should at least have a face value above $10. That's just sad.

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