TEACH ME HOW: Man Performs Real-Life Street Fighter Hadoukens To Blow Out A Line Of Candles

October 23, 2012


This is a video of a guy using a series of air-punches to blow out a line of candles. It's probably not what you imagined when you read 'hadouken' in the title, and that's 100% my bad. To be fair though, hadouken literally means "wave motion fist", so they kind of are hadoukens, just not the same style as in the video games. But enough trying to justify the misleading title -- just watch the video, it's kind of cool. Skip to 1:15 for the candle extinguishing action though and BE THANKFUL I JUST SAVED A MINUTE OF YOUR LIFE. Use it wisely. "Cat videos?" The wisest.

Hit the jump for the kind of worthwhile video.

Thanks to Marcorony, who once jump-kicked a bonfire out.

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