TEACH ME HOW: Man Performs Real-Life Street Fighter Hadoukens To Blow Out A Line Of Candles

October 23, 2012


This is a video of a guy using a series of air-punches to blow out a line of candles. It's probably not what you imagined when you read 'hadouken' in the title, and that's 100% my bad. To be fair though, hadouken literally means "wave motion fist", so they kind of are hadoukens, just not the same style as in the video games. But enough trying to justify the misleading title -- just watch the video, it's kind of cool. Skip to 1:15 for the candle extinguishing action though and BE THANKFUL I JUST SAVED A MINUTE OF YOUR LIFE. Use it wisely. "Cat videos?" The wisest.

Hit the jump for the kind of worthwhile video.

Thanks to Marcorony, who once jump-kicked a bonfire out.


    There is another... airbender...

  • Stephen Casto


    Water soaked wicks, nothing more. Try it yourself. Just put a drop of water on the wick and let it soak down into it. Dry the top part of the wick and light it. After a few minutes, the wax can't be drawn up the wick and the flame goes out. If you do it with the same amount of water to multiple candles, they will all go out at the same time.

  • grimbldoo

    He's eating the energy with is hands.

  • Adamant

    We have found the Uri Geller of Asia

  • heisenburg

    He's just blowing them out with his mouth but he's just blowing without moving his lips a guy called James Hydrick used to do it and claim to be telekinetic

  • I wanted a hadouken.... :/

  • Whatevs, spazz. Now make yourself useful and cool off my pizza.

  • RareAwesomeman

    somehow doesn't look like an effective fighting move

  • Mr. Roboto

    Wake me up when he can LIGHT the candles.

  • Proctor

    The real question is not how does he blow out the candles but WTF is the guy from Flash Forward doing presenting Chinese news?

  • cabbo

    I'm guessing it's the same trick as done by that guy that turned over pages in a book. Whatever his name was. He was blowing.

  • Stephen Casto

    Unlike your mom, blowing only make a fire hotter... "Fan a fire" mean anything to ya?

  • cabbo

    Didn't you ever have a birthday cake with candles when you were young?

    Also, that 'mom' thing made no sense. Here's a better one; your mom is clearly a retarded whore, because there's no way a man brought up in a normal household without constant sexual tension and confusion could be as twisted and backward as you. In fact, I'm sure now that you didn't have birthday cakes. I'm sure your mom forgot your birthday every year. There was that one when she wore that frilly little dress and you thought she remembered, but it turned out she was expecting the TV guy over.

  • Ralfone

    Chinese air punching powered windmills for 100% clean energy 2013!

  • Gloria Stits


  • Stephen Casto

    OLD trick. The candles have water drops added to the wicks, to soak into them. Then the tops are dried out and they are re-lit. You put the same amount of water on each one and dry them out the same amount of time, they all go out at the same time. I've done it with a dozen or so candles in a room, as a trick before, to freak my friends out.

  • Stephen Casto

    Also, notice how he waits until they are almost out before he does his fake air punch routine? Try it yourself and you will see what I'm talking about. When the wick gets down tot he water soaked part of it, it prevents the wax from being soaked up as fuel, thus burning up the wick as fuel instead and going out after it's used up.

  • rikster81

    The Asian Dwight Schrute!

  • Marcus Como

    Wow, that's devastating. I'd bet that if he hit you with one of those punches you might get a slightly red mark on your skin for a few milliseconds. Ouch, right?

  • MC

    It seems as if he is generating air currents and then putting out the flames not by a blowing force, but by manipulating the currents and forming a sort of vacuum effect, so a sucking force. You can tell by the way the flames go out, they simply decrease in intensity and diminish slowly.

    My more plausible guess would be. . . he is an Air Bender from the Eastern Air Temple, or a Magician.

  • Stephen Casto

    This is an OLD water soaked candle trick explained in the earlier posts.

  • Scruffy's theory is that he held a deep breath and blew carbon dioxide from his nose into the air current he created with his fists.

  • Christian Polson-Brown

    Scruffy's theory is totally right. Due is blowing them out with his nose, it's classic bullshit. For reference see classic Jame's Randi awesomeness: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

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