Story Of The Dinosaurs Dying Told In Falling Dominoes

October 3, 2012


This is a massive domino maze depicting the fall of the dinosaurs as told by domino-lover Flippycat (of Starry Night, Nintendo, laser and wall-themed domino maze fame). It took almost 39 hours of setup over two weeks to complete the scenes and less than a minute and a half to knock them all down. One thing is for certain though: no matter how it's told, the story of the dinosaurs dying is always sad. I just cried. HARD. So hard I'm blowing snot bubbles. No, no I'm not. I am blowing bubbles in my chocolate milk though. "What are you, six?" In good looks? I'm probably closer to a four.

Hit the jump for the video. All the action is in the first 1:30, the rest is time-lapse of him setting up all the scenes.

Thanks to Lisa, who used to be into setting up domino mazes until she got a cat. SPOILER: cats and domino mazes don't mix.

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