Some For-Real Talk Into Your Fingers Like A Phone Gloves

October 2, 2012


Because who wouldn't want to look like this crazy couple (I don't even think the girl has a phone and brobro looks like he's in the middle of calling an ambulance for the dead squirrel he can't stop staring at), Hi-Fun is going to start selling these Hi-Call $65 Bluetooth enabled gloves so you can talk into your pinky and listen to your thumb, just like you used to do when you were a kid pretending to have a phone. *ring ring* Excuse me -- I need to take this. *puts hand to head* Hello, Mr. President. We lost another space-ranger today? That's terrible news. I bet it was those vodka-chugging Ruskies. No, I don't have time to talk to Micky Mouse right now, I'm kind of busy. Yes, we're still on for snorkeling this weekend. Listen, I've got to go -- hang up on the count of three for good luck, okay? 3...2...NOW. Sorry folks, now where were we? "Who was that on the phone?" Who the hell did it sound like? My dog reminding me to pick up treats on the way home.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots in case you're actually considering buying some (I think I might!)



Thanks to LupusYonderboy and Eric, who prefer using bananas for their imaginary cell phones because you can eat them when you're done pretending. SOLID LOGIC.

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