Solid Police Work, Boys: British Cops Taze 61-Year Old Blind Man After Mistaking Cane For Samurai Sword

October 18, 2012


Because taze first and ask questions/apologize later seems to be the protocol these days, police in England tazed 61-year old blind man Colin Farmer after mistaking his white cane for a samurai sword. To be fair though, police were on the lookout for a man who actually WAS running around the town drunk with a samurai sword, this just wasn't him. This was a 61-year old blind guy. No word how many cell phones they've mistaken for handguns.

He was walking to a pub to meet friends on Friday when the officer fired the Taser. It forced him to drop his stick and he fell to the ground, he said.

He said the experience had left him "shaking like a leaf" and scared to go outside.

"It felt like I was grabbing an electricity pylon," he said.

A man carrying a samurai sword was later arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly.

Well at least they caught the real ninja. Still -- all the sadness aside, how does Colin know what it feels like to grab an electricity pylon? I feel like he might have some really mean friends.

Hit the jump for an interview.

Thanks to Mantha and Thel200ster, who have never been tazed by the police. Me? I got tazed and pepper-sprayed in the same night.

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