Shoes With Teeth (Actual Denture Teeth) In The Soles

October 17, 2012


Because people are SICK and TWISTED, here's a pair of shoes that have 1,050 denture teeth embedded in the soles. Can you imagine the sound they must make walking on pavement? Not a good one. That said, I just made a pair with teeth I stole from the dentist because the hygienist left me unattended for too long, and I have every intention of threatening my roommate with them the next time he's blaring trance music at seven in the morning. Dammit Derrik, don't make me break some teeth off in your ass! "We're not experimenting sexually if that's what you're asking." I meant with THESE. *pointing at shoes* "Dino slippers?" Will you pretty please just turn your music down, I'm trying to sleep.

Hit the jump for one more shot.


Thanks to chichi, who wants shoes with tongues on the bottom. TOO FAR, you've gone TOO FAR.

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