Shark Falls From Sky Onto Golf Course, Returned To Sea

October 26, 2012


A two-foot leopard shark fell from the sky onto the 12th hole at the San Juan Hills Golf Club in California, and was promptly put in a bucket of plain water by a bunch of idiots, who then added kitchen salt to make the water more sea-like, until somebody came up with the idea to actually return it to the ocean. It's suspected the shark was being carried over the course by a bird of prey who lost its grip and sent the fish flying. That or God's just really angry right now and started throwing sharks. *shaking fist at heaven* HEY I'M PISSED TOO BUT COME ON.

Thanks to Evil Ares and Naterade, who agrees when great whites start falling its time to start repenting.

  • Guest

    Thank you kind gentlemen for saving my fishy friend. Just don't read her tweets on the net.

  • oranberry

    I know this is a long shot into a crowd of trolls, but does anyone know what would actually happen to a saltwater fish if you put it in a bucket of water with salt added versus just saltwater (for the short period it would take to return it to the water)? I ask this because it looks dead.

  • Charles Whelan

    This doesnt really answer your question..but it looks like it lived... I copied this from the link above :

    [when they put it in the ocean..]

    "When Brian put it in the water, it didn't move," she said, "but then it flipped and took off."

  • Mr. Charles Fort would be pleased.

  • Guest

    Glad to hear the little fella was returned to the ocean.

  • Me gusta

  • Harry


  • Joe Ryburn

    Does your girlfriend like it when you're first?

  • You're assuming this clown has a girlfriend, which is highly unlikely.

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