Safety Last: Guy Builds Baby Carriage That Does 50MPH

October 10, 2012


Because what good is a baby if you can't win street races together, new father Colin Furze (who already has the record for fastest mobility scooter) built a motorized stroller capable of doing 50MPH. Obviously, he never actually totes his baby around in the thing because his wife would kill him. I think it was just his way of coping with accidentally knocking her up.

He spent four weeks and £450 designing and making the pushchair, which has a 125cc motorbike engine hidden between the wheels.

Colin, who has a one-month-old son Jake, stands on a platform and uses buttons on the handle to start and stop the engine.

He has added accelerator and brake levers to control the speed and uses the handle to steer.

'Hopefully one day I'll be able to take Jake for a ride in it but I'm not sure if Charlotte would be very happy about that!'

Impressive, Colin, but I built a stroller that can go waaaaay faster. "That's a wheelbarrow bolted to a missile." It sure is! I stole the design from Wile E. Coyote, I'm just about to test it. "You're going to die." If I do die I want you to tell my son I was a famous astronaut and cured many diseases. "So...lies?" YES. Fill his head with them -- the more the merrier.

Hit the jump for several more shots and a terrifying video.



Thanks to Jarl, who grew up being pushed around in the bun-warming compartment of a hotdog cart.

  • Dr.Brian John

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  • ZomBBombeR

    That is definitely not an accident waiting to happen...more of a good time waiting to start if you will.

  • I'm going to tell my brother about it. He'll think it's great - his wife not so much.

  • Hey, Scooter-Stroller Guy!

  • shokalion

    Colin furze is awesome. His youtube channel is worth checking out if this amused you even slightly.

  • Colorless82

    Wow.. the same thing was on Raising Hope last night. Anyway.. he could at least incorporate restraints if he actually wants to put the baby in there....

  • MAS

    that's kid grow up to be come best car racer in the world , unless he dead

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    well there is no way that child could ever fall asleep in that thing

  • Crucial

    When I was a baby, my parents and grandparents used to take turn putting me in the car and driving around the block so I could fall asleep. At home they would have to rock my mattress for hours.

    What I am saying is, there is a decent chance I could fall asleep in that thing..

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