Sadness: Star Wars Themed Angry Birds Game Coming

October 9, 2012


Almost as if to prove the point there's no Star Wars related crapola sad enough to fill the void in George Lucas's Sarlacc Pitt of a heart, there's going to be a Star Wars themed Angry Birds game coming out November 8th. Granted, I'm sure children will love it. Unfortunately I am not a child. There's no doubt in my mind I will be forced to publicly criticize the game, then secretly download it and play it whenever I'm on the shitter. I SAID DON'T LOOK IN MY GAMES FOLDER. "GW! Is this...Angry Birds Star Wars?!" Okay now I have to kill you.

Hit the jump for a teaser trailer which is basically 20-seconds of the screencap above and should be skipped.

Thanks to Outspire and Dalix, who agree no more Star Wars posts for awhile. God, that's like my dream come true.

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