Ridiculously Impressive Hylian Shield Made Of LEGO

October 3, 2012


This is Link's Hylian shield made by Flickr user Bolt of Blue entirely out of LEGO pieces. You and I -- you and I could never do that. "I could." No, you couldn't. And even if you had the skills and were actually working on building one I would sneak in during the middle of the night and eat all your progress. Those weird little wingding bits that aren't even bricks? Those are my favorite.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots from all angles including the very impressive back. No word if if it's sturdy enough to stop an Octorok rock.







Thanks to my buddy Terry, who's all jealous because I've already gotten two orange-rarity guns in Borderlands 2 and he hasn't gotten any even though I'm a level 27 and he's a 31. And to blaqk_panda, who I hadn't heard from in awhile and just assumed had been killed by poachers.

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