PUMP IT TILL IT EXPLODES: Inflatable Winter Jackets

October 29, 2012


The Klymit Ulaar Jacket is a jacket that has a bunch of air pockets that can be inflated a la Reebok Pumps. Allegedly they help keep you warm, but I couldn't reach my weather wizard on the crystal ball this morning so I have no idea if that's actually true. I think he's busy battling that hurricane on the east coast. Speaking of, to all you east coasters: please, stay safe and make sure you have fresh water stocked to stay properly hydrated while you're boozing in the dark.

Klymit's proprietary VWT (Variable Warmth Technology) was designed to make your everyday outdoor experiences more comfortable. Whether you're camping, at the game, or just simply out for a walk, the Ulaar truly takes warmth and comfort to the next level. With adjustable insulation you immediately save money from purchasing additional layers, also reducing the weight you have to carry. When the NobleTek chambers are inflated, the Ulaar conforms to your body snugly, capturing your body heat and recirculating it throughout your core. The Ulaar will keep you warm even when wet, it's windproof, and just looks really cool!

$250 will get you one if the Kickstarter project meets its funding goal. If it doesn't you're just gonna have to be cold this winter. Or wear last year's winter jacket and get made fun of behind your back because that is soooooo last season. Thank God I got a pre-production model. *pumping jacket* "You do realize we can tell that's just a pool float wrapped in a bedsheet." IT'S HAUTE COUTURE DAMMIT.

Thanks to fizzwinkus, who's convinced winter jackets are just the government's way of controlling our temperature and mood.

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