Practice: Zombie Apocalypse Paintball Course In Canada

October 12, 2012


I know this isn't the first zombie themed paintball experience, but whatever, it's getting close to Halloween and I'm trying to SET THE MOOD. *lighting romantic candles on dinner table* Help yourself to some boxed wine -- the Spaghetti O's should be ready any minute. Ron McCall, a former props maker for horror movies, has opened Zombie Combat Zone, a nighttime zombie apocalypse themed paintball fight. Cool, but I'm going to bring a machete too just to be on the safe side. Rounds run from dusk till 1AM and basically consist of mowing down groups of actors dressed as zombies, as well as a secondary objective of "locating the source of the infection." About that: if there's something out there turning people into zombies I'm not sure I want to get that close to it. I'll stick to shooting things in the face, thank you very much. *pop pop pop!* "That was a teammate." I know, now I have two guns!

Click HERE to watch a decent video news report about the experience.

Thanks to Sylvia, who shot herself in the foot playing paintball and a ref called her out even though she offered to hop around on one leg for the rest of the round. Hey, I would have let you.

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