Now That's A Knocker: Hill In England Being Transformed Into Giant Boob To Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

October 16, 2012


Bruce Munro, an English light-artist, is building a 16-foot glowing nipple out of 2,730 plastic bottles and fiber optic cable atop a hill to make the whole thing look like a giant boob and promote breast cancer awareness. If successful, it will be the second largest breast I've ever seen.

Created bottle by bottle at the top of the 288m (945ft) high chalk hill, Mr Munro is hoping his beacon "will be seen for miles".

"And I lost a dear friend very young to breast cancer and meeting Victoria Todd from Cancerkin was the link needed for me to create my own incarnation of a beacon of light in support of all who are, or have been, affected by this disease.

"By illuminating the night sky for a brief moment, I hope to send the message you are not alone."

Hey -- anything for breasts. Make sure to get those things checked out, ladies. A lot of you guys probably should too. "Male breast cancer is like, 1 in 1,000." You have C-cups, brobro, you could very well be that one. But seriously, EARLY DETECTION IS KEY.

Thanks to jimmmy, who told me I should do the same thing except a giant wiener. Haha, don't you worry, jimmmy -- the wheels are already in motion.

  • Guest

    Would it be legal if I camped there? Anyway nice promo for the awareness.

  • Conrado Parra

    I present thee, the bewbs:https://lh5.googleuserconte...
    Nuclear powered bewbs by the way.

  • painweaver

    If this were in America there would be mobs of christian protesters against this "boob", which would likely be considered hardcore pornography. Ultimately, the White House would have to step in and tell them to remove it because there are laws against displaying pornography publicly.

  • Schmooples

    I'm all for boobs but aren't there other cancers people are less aware of? I guess a prostate hill isn't appetizing.

  • Guest

    I'm all for boobs but aren't there other cancers people are less aware of? I guess a prostate hill isn't appetizing.

  • Conrado Parra

    more like prostate canyon...

  • Hal Jordan

    They might be needing this:

  • n_a_a_s

    earthtit FTW

  • Shashika Ranasinghe

    Second largest boob you've seen? What was the first???

  • Just one boob, though? Mother Earth is a bit lopsided.

  • Guest

    That's a clever way to grab the attention for the promo of breast cancer awareness.

  • That would need a huuuuuuuugggggge bra.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I will send you all kinds of Dr. Who memorabilia if you would go to this and take a photo of yourself hugging that nipple.

  • a) I don't think it's finished yet.
    b) I think it might be frowned upon.
    c) It's in Wiltshire.

  • $18922249

    That is one GRAND TETON!


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