New Zealand Airport Gets Giant Fishing Gollum Statue

October 26, 2012


This is the giant Gollum statue installed in Wellington Airport in New Zealand by special effects maker Weta Workshop to remind everyone that's where they shoot the Hobbit movies. It's pretty terrifying. Not sure I could comfortably enjoy a Cinnabon with that staring at me. A creepy fat man either. WHAT ARE YOU AFTER, ME OR THE CINNAMON ROLL?!

Hit the jump for shots from different angles and a video of the installation.





Thanks to Soju, who hates flying almost as much as I do. Protip: get super drunk.

  • chary fano-manango

    The statue was scary and terrible. Why do they approve that?
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  • ziz

    That is ugly and horrifying. If they wanted a scene from LOTR I can think of a million others they could have used....

  • Gollumってちっちゃくなかったっけ?デカすぎる!

  • Guest

    I'm fine with the giant floating fish, just not Gollum. >:(

  • Adrianne Nicole Rose

    Gollum rocks. Listen to the messages. I am American, I look forward to visiting the amazingly beautiful "land art" of New Zealand, planning a trip for the near future.

  • n_a_a_s

    Dont pass up the opportunity, I was lucky enough to visit for 3 wks - if you're into scenery make sure to spend most of your time on the south island, its unexplainably majestic! Do a google image search on Milford Sound - I think it's the most beautiful place on earth these eyes have ever seen ;)

  • Adrianne Nicole Rose

    What else do you recommend? I was planning for 2 weeks, do you think I need 3? I plan to drive the perimeter of both islands, stopping along the way . . . I have been gathering opinions, materials, and inspirations for over 2 years. Last year, I made it to Alaska, the year before, Hawaii. Only two more states to go before I see all of America (New Mexico and North Dakota).

  • Cortney A.

    Cause we all know that's about as famously known New Zealand will get.

  • MC

    Oh Gollum, your such a charmer with your big blue eyes, your dozen luscious hairs, your captivating smile, your heavenly complexion and your impeccable hygiene. I can almost smell the feces trapped beneath your finger nails.

    Out of all the desirable characters in the LOTRs with potential to be monumental statues, it is no surprise you were chosen.

  • Patrick Caldwell

    At least they have something to be proud of!

  • That is terrifying.

  • A sculpture in an airport in one of the MANY places you can go in New Zealand is a reason not to visit? Wow lame!

  • Kevin Reed

    Good job New Zealand! You've given me another reason not to visit your country!

    And right after I get off the plane, to boot!

  • and your from a america... probs best you stay there then but thats probs not a problem as most of you dont have a passport ....

  • Is not having a passport an American stereotype? "Probs" not.

  • Mitch H

    Good job Kevin! You've given me another reason not to visit America!


    That doesn't really make sense...

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