New South Korean 'Super Gun' Can Lock On And Eliminate A Human Target From 3-Kilometers

October 24, 2012


Because what better way to deter trespassing than with an advanced weapons system that will kill you before you ever even see it, South Korean defense firm DoDaam just introduced the Super Aegis 2 (I think I picked up one of those in Borderlands!). The system features an automated turret that can target a human from 3-kilometers using special thermal imaging cameras. The best part? You can mount whatever weapons you want to on it! Machine guns? Yep. Surface to air missiles? NO PROBLEM. Remind me to never try to sneak into South Korea. Unless -- UNLESS -- I dig a tunnel. Haha, you're fancy guns can't stop...GW: Super Spy! "Nice fake mustache." Thanks, I feel like it makes me incognito. "And the baby blanket?" Invisibility cloak.

Hit the jump for a video about the thing which you can skip if you want, that's okay with me.

Thanks to Mags, who doesn't need a super gun because he already invented a super DUPER gun.

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