New Little Dino Discovered, "Would Make A Nice Pet"

October 3, 2012


In 'Holy shit clone it now' news, a new dwarf species of heterodontosaur has been discovered that would look great on a leash pooping in my least favorite neighbor's yard. "Hey -- you gonna pick that up?!" Nope, but I will come back and ride a t-rex through your house. I know you stole my phone book!

Heterodontosaurs are a group of small, fanged dinosaurs that were "scampering around between the toes of other dinosaurs at the dawn of the dinosaur era," said study author Paul Sereno, a National Geographic Society explorer-in-residence.

To find out what the newfound dinosaur did with its sharp fangs, Sereno then reassembled P. africanus' jaw and teeth. He compared the reconstruction to jaws and teeth of both meat-eating dinosaurs and modern plant-eating mammals with fangs.

If the housecat-size dinosaur lived today, he quipped, "it would be a nice pet--if you could train it not to nip you."

Don't you worry, I could train it not to nip, TRUST ME. I am like, the dinosaur whisperer. "Really GW? What do you whisper?" Oh, you know, mostly sweet nothings.

Thanks to Dr. Incognito and Abby in NYC, who know what I like and that is INCREASING THE DINO DATING POOL.

  • I think I'll stick with my dog.

  • GWs Arch Nemesis

    Yea.......I'd still hit it!

  • * Throws pokeball... it gets away... Throws rock, knocks it out, ties leash around neck*

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    obviously you have not watched enough Jurassic Park to know, that will not end well.

  • I think i might have hit him too hard... hes starting to smell.

  • Guest

    *throws pokeball*

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