New Bioshock Inifinite Trailer, Special Edition Packages

October 22, 2012


Because The Superficial Writer and I have been awkwardly shuffling around with bonersabout it all morning, here's the latest Bioshock Infinite trailer, 'Beast of America.' It looks amazing. Want to drop $150 on the Ultimate Songbird Edition and get yourself a 9-inch Songbird statue and a bunch of other stuff? BECAUSE YOU CAN DO THAT (get one for me too while you're at it). The goods (which includes the game, statue, book of art, lithograph, Handyman figurine, Murder of Crows keychain, digital soundtrack, and some in-game powerups/console specific goodies):


For $80 you can get the Premium edition, which includes everything shown except the Songbird statue. That's the edition I'll be getting, because I'm not made of money. No, I'm made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails -- or so my little sister would like me to believe!

Hit the jump for the trailer.

Thanks to Zoester, cane8 and Michael R, who can hardly wait for February 26th. Me? I can hardly wait for happy hour.

  • Robin Manford

    Typos: They make you cringe more when they're in the title.

  • Brant_Alan

    The twist in Bioshock Infinite is that the bird is actually your father and the whole time you are really having your mind controlled by Fox News.

  • Nicholas Boyd-Gibbins
  • n_a_a_s

    I only came here to see Daisy's comment, too rushed the read the article right now GW but I promise I love no less

  • Pretty.

  • FAKE!!!!

    This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell because the shadow's are all wrong.

    This is exactly like that scene in themovie Never Back Down where Max got a remote control that could pause life, and spent all his time sneaking in the bathroom to watch a paused baja go #2.

  • Brian David Fischer

    I NEED IT....and i will have it.

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