Needs More One Ring: Eye Of Sauron Fingernails

October 1, 2012


These are Chalkboard Nails' custom Eye of Sauron themed fingernails. Not gonna lie, whoever's fingers those are should really consider being a hand model. IMMACULATE. Mine look like I'm a coal miner that teaches woodshop on the weekends. I'm joking, they're perfect and my nails are all long like coke nails. "We should hang out sometime." Dammit Carrie Fisher, NO -- these are strictly ornamental. I'm just a man who likes his nails to express how not into manual labor I am. "Or that you like to dress up like a lady on weekends." *wink* Not just weekends, buddy.




Thanks to carey, who paints her fingernails with the blood of her enemies because she's from a tribe of all-female warriors (I assume).

  • agatha

    Coooool! I would do that, and I'm not even a lotr fan! :D

  • RayleighJean

    Damn it Carrie Fisher, NO! had me cracking up. might make it through the work day now.

  • ZomBBombeR

    Maybe it's just me but I've always found the eye of sauron to look like an angry fiery Vadge...anyone??

  • agatha

    Same thing!

  • Kevin

    Man, those are some flawless looking cuticles!

  • Those are really well done - not sure I'd actually want to have them myself though.
    At the moment my nails are red, but then it is that time of the month.

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