Needs More Creepertonium: Periodic Table Of Minecraft

October 2, 2012


This is the periodic table of Minecraft made by DeviantARTist egeres. Is it accurate? No clue, I don't play too many sandbox games because the last one I played was "hunt for buried treasure" at daycare and I dug up a sand-coated cat turd. I know I've talked about it before, but it really had a profound impact on my life. And not just because I know what it feels like to hold a fresh cat shit in my bare hand, but because it was the first time somebody (the daycare worker who caught me with my treasure) asked me if I was stupid. Haha -- who's laughing now, Ms. Trina?! (Not me, I still cry about it when I drink)

Thanks to Markin, who I can tell wants to hear another Ms. Trina story. She used to make us do bare-knuckle pushups on asphalt when we were bad. And sometimes when we were good!

  • Konstantin

    This isn't a periodic table. Periodic table needs to be, well, periodic. You made an "art piece" by throwing together random stuff and making it kind of look like something you don't understand? Good for you. Ask your mother to put it on the fridge for you. But seriously, if you don't understand something, don't try to replicate it.

  • taran420

    This has been around for a very long time.

  • Greg

    1) There's actually 3 "Co" blocks on there. One in ore, one in nether and one in crafted.

    2) I'd like to point out is that unless Egeres sold his design to a major T-Shirt label, he didn't make this. All he did was take the idea off of the t-shirts and add the crafted column.
    Google "periodic table of minecraft tshirt" and you'll see.

    GW, I wouldn't promote people who steal material. :-/

  • There's already one of these on t-shirts and stuff on the Jinx website.

  • David

    There are two "Co"s

  • three

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