Needs More Creepertonium: Periodic Table Of Minecraft

October 2, 2012


This is the periodic table of Minecraft made by DeviantARTist egeres. Is it accurate? No clue, I don't play too many sandbox games because the last one I played was "hunt for buried treasure" at daycare and I dug up a sand-coated cat turd. I know I've talked about it before, but it really had a profound impact on my life. And not just because I know what it feels like to hold a fresh cat shit in my bare hand, but because it was the first time somebody (the daycare worker who caught me with my treasure) asked me if I was stupid. Haha -- who's laughing now, Ms. Trina?! (Not me, I still cry about it when I drink)

Thanks to Markin, who I can tell wants to hear another Ms. Trina story. She used to make us do bare-knuckle pushups on asphalt when we were bad. And sometimes when we were good!

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