My New Wallpaper: All Swords From All The Zelda Games

October 9, 2012


Note: Higher res version HERE (save the image to see it even bigger), but go check out the DeviantARTist's page for a Fierce Deity sized version.

This is the 'Evolution of Link's Sword' wallpaper created by DeviantARTist BLUEamnesiac. It allegedly contains all swords from the Zelda video game franchise, but I have no clue if that's accurate. Do aliens exist? Absolutely, and their privates look like little laser cannons.

Sorry for the large sized wallpaper, but there were so many swords to fit. Unfortunately I had to make room and omit non-canon swords, but there are links to them at the bottom. For the purists out there, there may have been some level of interpretation with swords that had little detail. Also, the Elemental White Swords from Minish Cap are guesstimates at best.

I think you did a great job. So great I just made it my wallpaper. And -- AND -- printed it out and taped it to the front of my shirt. "You're not wearing a shirt." FINE, I TAPED IT TO MY BARE CHEST -- YOU WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT?

Thanks to Brian R, who made this Zelda swords wallpaper I posted previously using actual shots of the swords from the games instead of original artwork.

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