Molotov Cocktail Exploding Against A House In Slow-Mo

October 2, 2012


This is a video of The Slow Mo Guys (who are presumably learning disabled) exploding a Molotov cocktail against the brick wall of a house owned by one of their grandparents. And to any of you grandparents reading out there: there is a such thing as believing in your grandchildren too much. They're not always the little geniuses you think they are, and this is a perfect example of that. Still, I'm a sucker for explosions and I'm a sucker for potentially disastrous results, so this video sounded pretty promising in the beginning. If I had been in possession of a magic lamp when the video started there's no doubt in my mind I would have used a wish for the bottle to go through that window and burn the house to the ground.

Hit the jump for the video but skip to 1:30 to start the exploding.

Thanks to Paschal, who doesn't do anything at his grandparents' house but eat his grandma's delicious cooking and watch old Western movies with his grandpa at full volume.

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