Mmmm: Dexter Themed Glass Shard And Blood Cupcakes

October 2, 2012


This is a Dexter themed glass shard and blood red velvet cupcake made by New York City's Magnolia Bakery for a seventh season premiere event for the show. The glass is actually candy glass and the blood is just pig's blood. Oooooor simple syrup that's been dyed red. You know, I see a lot of myself in Dexter. Mostly the rugged handsomeness though (I even looked like him when I was just a tadpole!). There's also that whole psychologically drawn to kill people thing, but it's mostly the handsome thing. Especially if you're the police. If you're the police the similarities actually stop there. Shoot, I'm not even that handsome. We're basically nothing alike. Can I go now?

Thanks to Az, who doesn't eat anything that looks like glass because nine times out of ten it's actually glass.

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