Men Passing By In Heicopter Rescue R/C Plane From Tree

October 31, 2012


NOTE: Video contains lots of very strong language and should only be watched at full volume with a middle finger pointed at the entrance to your cubicle the entire time it's playing.

This is a video of a helicopter flight instructor and student flying around when they spot an R/C plane get stuck in a tree. So what do they do? What any good Samaritan would, they risk life and limb to fish it out and return it to its owners. Granted I'm not sure about the legality of low-altitude flying and landing wherever the hell you want all willy-nilly, but that's not what this is about. This is about R/C plane safety. Don't fly them into trees. God, what were you idiots thinking?

Hit the jump for Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers in action.

Thanks to Slammer, who would have just climbed the tree because he was raised by bears.

  • ZomBBombeR

    Not only was that a good deed but thats a great eye that man has, it wasnt until they were I'd say at least 300 ft closer that the co-pilot was able to find the plane.

  • Right in the tree.

  • lol so awesome. You know what this is an example of? The instructor thought 'what would Iron Man do?' then answered 'Iron Man would get them their fuckin' plane'.

  • Doug Eldridge

    Classy sons of bitches.


    Son, I see everythang! EPIC!

  • RareAwesomeman

    it was a nice thing to do and I respect them for it, but they are way to pumped up about it

  • Probably because it takes a shit load of skill to do. lol

  • Guest

    Awww... this was a sweet video. Thanks for sharing this treat.

  • T_Eye

    Quite possibly the greatest "pay it forward" moment ever, and one hell of a youtube video.
    One could not ask for more f-bombs

  • Megatron Jenkins

    One could ALWAYS ask for more f-bombs, lol.

  • That guy reminds me of the guy that taught me how to sail... so excited to be badass and to pass it on to others...

  • Faith in humanity: +1

  • T_Eye


  • sandul

    Almost as cool as the hiker getting rescued by harrison ford and his helicopter :)

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