Man Sues Wife For Being Naturally Ugly, Using Plastic Surgery To Trick Him Into Marriage, Wins $120,000

October 29, 2012


Jian Feng divorced his wife after she gave birth to an "incredibly ugly" baby (his words) that didn't resemble either one of them, causing him to accuse her of cheating. That's when she admitted to spending almost $100,000 on plastic surgery to undergo the transformation seen above. It was money well spent. Jk jk, beauty is only skin deep or whatever. *eying picture again* No, it really was money well spent.

She had the work done before she met her husband and never told him about it after they met.

Mr Feng filed for divorce saying his wife had deceived him and convinced him to marry her under false pretenses.

The judge agreed with him and awarded him the damages.

Wow, what a dick. I mean, sure, I can KIND OF understand the feeling of being deceived, but come on -- you called your baby ugly. That's f***ed up. Besides, most babies ARE ugly (except yours, Geekologie reader -- yours was cute). Also, where's the picture of the dude? I've got the feeling he's not much of a looker himself. If I were her I'd superglue a soup can to his penis and counter-sue for being a cyborg.

Thanks to xer, who called me ugly. Oh yeah? WELL STICKS AND STONES, XER. *sobbing* I'm a f***ing monster.

  • Vanessa

    I love the s movies you no

  • Kris Pradez

    Making herself attractive to lure people in mating with her is still nature's way of procreation and that alone is talent. In the aquatic life, there's a fish like this who actually pretend to be a girl thereby sneaking eggs into the wife's nest.

  • vanmichey


  • anor8ografos

    ρε ασ βγουν και μια αφτοι και να δουμε τι ειναι ....χαλαρα βρε προδεφτικι του καναπε με τρισ και εκσιντα το μινα .....ρε......8ελω την 8εσσαλονικη του 1980+ και να κιμαμε χορισ 8ορακισμενι και σιναγερμο..

  • shiraz

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  • Should we have a system set up like Car Fax for situations like this? For dudes that are only in relationships for the resale value of the next crop?

  • shiraz


  • Mizzah Tee

    I bought a bluray player a year ago. It's cheaper now! I got robbed!!!!

    Oh wait I didn't...

  • Lynette

    Its called makeup!

  • Kercelia Fletcher

    Beauty is only skin deep.

  • LanaDelRey

    More proof that ugly is a genetic issue!

  • Fuzzy Dolphin banned 102 times

    this may be possible the greatest internet article in the history of the universe

    just sorry that I found it so late

  • Jasmine Vallejo


  • jacobsen

    hahah, Just gotta love american laws..

  • Fuzzy Dolphin banned 102 times

    FU CKING illiterate m0ron

    they're Chinese you FU CKTARD!


  • lol

    i feel sorry for da women i guess this most have destroyed her confidence

  • :/ What a mean and pathetic guy her husband would have been!

  • isn't this old?

  • billythekid122

    she need to go on line and get her a man over sea's in American man . she not that ugly . all she needed was make up .

  • Jeffrey Dibble

    Yeah, right. Where did she get $100,000.00 in the first place... http://www.maleenhancementr...

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