Like Stealing An iPhone From A Baby: Old Man Steals iPhone From Baby In Clothing Store (A New Low!)

October 4, 2012


Because it didn't have any candy, this is a video of an old man stealing an iPhone from a baby in a clothing store. Where the hell the kid's mom went is beyond me, but maybe this was all part of the world's shittiest sting operation.

That's a 20-month-old baby in the carriage, watching Barney on her mom's iPhone. And then the guy who sort of looks like Jim's dad from American Pie bends over and steals it. Again, from a baby. He stole an iPhone from a baby and was caught on CCTV...

See? This is exactly why kids shouldn't have expensive cell phones. Well, this, and the whole sexting craze. DAMMIT KIDS, THEY'RE CALLED PRIVATES FOR A REASON.

Hit the jump for the sadness.

Thanks to Marcus, who's never stolen anything from a baby. Me? I took a dinosaur toy from a cousin once.

  • ZomBBombeR

    I love the pop up add for iPhone 5 cases lol, but on a serious note, man that guy is a douche-cunt!

  • thomodachi

    I saw a baby with an iPhone once and I said to myself "babies don't know how to use iPhones?" so I took that shit and THREW IT ON THE GROUND. Take that baby

  • Nokia Maps rock

    Why does nobody think of it like this: The old man assumed, that the child got lost by using Apple Maps. So he took the phone to save the child from ending up somewhere in the sea, thus giving it the chance to be found by its mum.

  • The mom is lucky it was the phone he took, and not the baby! I never turn my back on my kids - not for ONE second!

    If I had seen that guy getting into my baby's space, it'd be the last thing he remembered before the permanent brain damage that I would inflict upon him.

  • Pascale Laviolette

    Why the hell wouldn't they call Eugene Levy by name?! EVERYONE KNOWS HIM! He is far more than just "Jim's dad from American Pie".

  • Dani

    So did they caught the bastard yet?

  • $18922249

    My god... We have our first Paterno sighting...

  • Apples rot and decay away androids live forever

  • Guest

    Well this is indeed a new low. Hopefully she has that tracking thing on the phone, so the police can get this guy.
    -- Edit: reworded.

  • Thyst

    I feel bad for the kid, 1) where the fuck did Barney go? and 2) You have to live your whole life with that dumbass for a mom.

  • Guest

    To be fair to the Iphone-stealing ass-hat, that baby stole the Iphone from a mall cell phone kiosk.

  • Dillon Beard

    why does that baby have an iphone?

  • Internet

    It's the iPhone's baby.

  • Yindave


  • William Shankspeare

    Read the article ya dingus. Or don't, it's still pretty obvious that this isn't in America just from the abbreviation "CCTV"

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