I'm Crushing Your Head!: New Robotic Head Massager

October 29, 2012


Because the touch of another human is disgusting, Panasonic has developed a robotic head massager that looks like a skull crusher. The deathtrap was created using the same technology as their existing hair-washing robots, and guarantees no ending is a happy one.

Crazy Engineers reports that to take part in the "dry head spa", all users need to do is adjust their head position and hairline, and the robot will then scan the outline of their head with special sensors in order to develop a 3D map.

This 3D map then guides each of the robot's 24 fingers to correctly manipulate the relevant pressure points on your head.

Thanks but no thanks, Panasonic. As much as the thought of some stranger touching my head with their hands scares me, this thing terrifies me ten fold. The only thing I'd ever trust a robot to massage are the balls of an enemy.

Hit the jump for a video demo that amazingly didn't end in decapitation.

Thanks to Spenkadink and Bongo, who agree if you're foolish enough to stick your head in that thing you deserve whatever happens.

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