I Think She Killed Skipper!: Barbie Launches Terrifying New Doll Series With 'Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie'

October 10, 2012


Okay, so "terrifying" might have been a giant overstatement. MY BAD. I can't help it if I have a flair for the dramatic. *flourishing cape* "Stop that." Not until you acknowledge I'm naked underneath and you saw the goods. This is Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie, the first in Mattel's new Haunted Beauty line. Wow -- so scary, guys. I was hoping for some blood and disfigurement, maybe even an eyeball hanging out of the socket. But noooooooo, instead they make the prettiest lil' ghost to ever rattle chains in a toy box. I say we petition for the next doll to be possessed and have some wind-up head spinning action. Now that -- that's something I'd buy my little sister for her birthday.

Hit the jump for some closeups and a worthwhile shot of 'Empress of the Aliens Barbie' because that's a real thing too.





Thanks to roshan, who agrees the best thing about buying your little sister Barbies is being able to steal the heads off them and use them as collateral in negotiations about not telling mom that you snuck out after bedtime.

  • AlwaysPunchingRobots

    Looks like Galadriel from Lord of the Rings to me.

  • This article made me laugh :p But seriously, the dolls mentioned above are not for kids. They are adult collectors items and shouldn't be played with. People failed to remember that adults collect Barbie dolls and that's what started the whole tokidoki Barbie (tattoos) fiasco last year.

  • CoinOperatedJoy

    They should rename the line "Barbie is jealous of Monster High, um, Here You Go".

  • CoinOperatedJoy

    not that I wouldn't still want/buy them... *cough*is a doll loving skinny-fattie*cough*

  • agatha

    Ow I like it!!! I would almost buy it! To bad I don't have children! :P

  • CoinOperatedJoy

    You don't need kids to collect dolls! :)

  • agatha

    You're right! :P. I do liked barbies as a kid haha. But gues it's weird if you play with it.. (I'll wait a few years haha)

  • Guest

    barbie looks better designed as a villain

  • Alex D

    First picture looks like Galadriel from the Lord of the Rings, when Frodo offers to give her the One Ring... Maybe its just my nerdbrain though.

  • Kevin

    Yeah, if they can make a doll pee, why can't they make one with projectile green vomit?

  • Patrick Caldwell

    A bet theres a line of those doll loving fatties waiting to rub one out on these dolls.

  • Kevin

    You only said that because you think she's hot. Amirite?

  • You said it first, now you're the suspicious doll lover :P

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