I Smell A New Fort!: Hanging Spherical Cocoon Tents

October 30, 2012


I don't know about you, but I would totally HANG OUT in that. See what I did there? HOPEFULLY SIGNED MY OWN DEATH WARRANT.

Because being stuck on the ground sucks and we all wish we were birds, hanging tents are quickly becoming all the rage (full disclosure: at least in MY mind they are). And rightfully so, they're cool. LIKE HAMMOCKS. This is a line of 10-foot spherical Cocoon Trees. They come in different configurations like one with a table or one with a bed, and, after being hung, can be accessed via rope bridge or ladder. Obviously, I'm going to get the one with the bed. FOR SEXUAL PURPOSES. Theeeeen get batted around in there like I'm some family of bear's personal tetherball. Or, even worse -- pinata. *unzipping door flap* Damn you Berenstain Bears, I'M NOT CANDY. This isn't 'The Berenstain Bears Throw A Birthday Party'. You hit my tent one more time and I'm gonna torch that f***ing tree you live in. And you can go tell those Charmin bears with the dingleberries they're next.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots.










Thanks to 18Bradley45, who's name appears to be some sort of secret code I'm going to wind up spending hours trying to decipher. OMG are you being held hostage?!

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