I Said Bring Chicks!: Middle Earth Was Basically All Dudes

October 15, 2012


In news that shouldn't surprise anyone who wrote Peter Jackson after watching Lord of the Rings and demanded a Director's Cut with way more boobs, Middle Earth is basically all dudes. There are SOME chicks, just not very many. Who knows, maybe their genetics work different where a baby only has a one in five chance of being female. Or maybe they banish all the women to Beginning Earth or End Earth because the dudes just prefer the company of other dudes. I sat in a sauna with a bunch of other guys one time, it was okay. I was the only one naked though. Not gonna lie, I might have left a skid mark on the bench.

Thanks to Blaxe, who said there are so many dudes in Middle Earth because everyone there has sex in the forest and that's how you conceive baby boys. OMG -- a bear told me the same thing!

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