Hop, The Suitcase That Automatically Follows You

October 9, 2012


This is Hop, a suitcase that communicates with your smartphone and follows you through the airport. It doesn't hop though, that was just a poor name choice. Also, I'm not sure how I feel about a suitcase with a bunch of electronics inside that make the whole thing look like a bomb in the x-ray machine. Besides, what are you supposed to say when the check-in person asks you if your luggage has been in your possession at all times? Nope, it's just been tagging along behind me! See? Wait -- where'd it go?

The Hop is designed to follow behind the user at a constant distance, but if the signal is lost the suitcase locks itself and a vibration is sent via the phone to alert the user. The bags can be programmed to follow one another or to be controlled jointly by any staff that may handle your luggage.

I dunno, the bag seems a little small to warrant needing to move on its own. Even a child could pull a suitcase that size if it had a handle and wheels. Granted I don't WANT any children pulling suitcases around the airport because it would be just my luck those kids would wind up on my flight, I'm just saying they COULD. Kick the back of my seat one more time -- I dare you. I've had six mini-bottles and I'm not afraid to tell your mother how badly she sucks at parenting right now.

Hit the jump for a video demo. And if you think I'm not going to sit on the thing holding my smartphone taped to a stick in front of me, you underestimate my laziness.

Thanks to broomstick, who I'm tempted to beat my roommate with he doesn't turn down his shitty music.

  • Who is this aimed at?

  • Joey Svitek

    So, it's called Hop, and requires the use of a smart phone. If you use an iPhone to control it, does it become iHop?

  • Jen

    It follows at a lazy stroll because no one in the airport is ever in a hurry! Also, can this little guy handle an escalator?

  • Mighty Molecule

    always wondered how those little remote controlled cars seen in princess leia's ship in the original star wars would have started out as...

  • Rufus

    I agree that it would be better to make a Star Wars Droid like R2-D2 that would follow you.

  • SlkRick

    Looks like one of the droids on the Death Star

  • Bennetttt

    It looks too fragile. Why not skip this, and work on making a fully functional real R2/D2 with lasers & shit?

  • Kevin

    That's pretty impractical. What happens when you're late and you have to haul ass down the terminal? You have to pick it up and carry it anyway.

  • So, with the traction system, battery system, and controller system stowed away in that small suitcase there is room left for let's say, a toothbrush ?

  • Matty Spinny

    number one, this will never work in new york. but please god try. i need some new shit. three someone watched a minisode of discworld when they were stealing the idea for this lmao. ((The Colour of Magic))

  • Nokia Maps rock

    If I could afford that thing I would buy it, glue hundreds of little feet on it and dress up as Rincewind the Wizzard :)

  • Thor

    I could imagine that there would be a lot more lost luggage if this became popular. Bad enough that phone batteries die~~~

  • mark

    my mom needs Hop combined with one of these:


  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    and you put something bad inside and tell it to follow someone else's phone... buhahaha, he would freak out!

  • Harry

    They need to put an alarm on it that signals your phone anytime it goes a certain distance away from you.

  • jimmy

    they need to have it onstantly text your phone telling youthat your a lazy twat!

  • InkyBloc

    God this looks like a shitty escort mission.

  • MAS

    Order right now! only 999.99 and your thieves love it

  • What about stairs, carpet, and being in a rush?

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    have these inventors ever visited an airport? when is the last time you have seen someone taking a gingerly stroll through the terminal? they are usually in a full sprint knocking down old ladies trying to reach the gate.

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