Here's Johnny!: Clever Crazy Jack 'The Shining' Cosplay

October 12, 2012


I don't normally like posting single pictures of single cosplay costumes because it makes me feel cheap and dirty, but I couldn't resist this one. "GW? You ARE cheap and dirty." God, I really am, aren't I? How I'm not turning tricks in an alleyway is beyond me. This is a costume of Jack Torrance (portrayed by Jack Nicholson) in his famous 'Here's Johnny!' scene from 'The Shining'. You know, I actually see a lot of myself in Jack's character. "The whole struggling writer thing?" What? No. The whole crazed psychopath thing. My God do I love swinging an axe at loved ones.

Thanks to Pebbles, who agrees there's something charming about an axe-wielding murderer. *spraying breath freshener* You don't say?

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