Google Chrome Extension Blocks Your Idiot Friends' Political Rants From Your Facebook And Twitter Feed

October 26, 2012


When it comes to politics, everyone is an expert. And thinking you're an expert is the first sign of being an idiot. But is that gonna stop every Tom, Dick and dipshit on your friends list from taking to their Facebook wall and voicing their opinion? It is not. People LOVE political rambling. I know a friend who takes every opportunity he gets to ramble about his political views, and I take every opportunity I get to never hang out with him. One time I ran into him at the bar and I straight up pretended I didn't know who he was even though we lived together for two years. I'm here to get drunk and eat wings, STFU! (links to download page) is a Google Chrome extension that removes political content from your Facebook and Twitter feeds and replaces it with cat pictures. Because who doesn't like cat pictures? Those dirty ultra-conservatives, that's who!

Thanks to cancan, who agrees a Facebook soapbox is just about the shittiest soapbox you could stand on. Nobody cares and I'll probably unfriend you.

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