Giant Robotic Chattering Teeth Couch

October 18, 2012


Two teeth-related posts in a row -- what are the chances?! Plus if you count the burn-healing oral strips article, that makes THREE mouth posts in 24 hours. The American Dental Association should give me an honorary membership! "Settle for a sticker and toothbrush?" DONE. This is the Rooster Teeth Couch, made to look like the chattering teeth in the Rooster Teeth logo. It was created by couch maker extraordinaire Kayla Kromer (of Hamburger Bed and Millennium Falcon bed fame) and actually opens and closes via remote. You sit on the top though, not inside. Unless you're my friends, in which case I'll tell you to sit inside then crush you to death. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hit the jump for two more shots.



Thanks Kayla, I know who I'm calling when I finally have the money for a custom dino bed.

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