Gallery Of The Grossest/Most Depressing Home Offices

October 16, 2012


This is a gallery of some of the most disgusting and depressing home offices, the majority of which look like crime scenes. Especially the basement ones. Some of them aren't even PROPER basements, just crawl-spaces. Listen: if you have a computer room set up in the crawl space under your house, congratulations, you're a troll. And not the jerk-on-the-internet kind either, like an honest-to-God troll. You're literally one late mortgage payment away from eating children and charging a toll to cross your bridge.

Hit the jump for more grody than you can flick a booger at.










  • cocopuffed

    how long since they emptied their in-boxes?

  • oleche

    Tech support!!! WOAH, nothing to do here!!!

  • jack19992

    The newport cigarette mountain trumps all.

  • Anyone else notice the last pick has pee filling up all of those bottles?

  • Adam Kares

    Im pretty sure most if not all of these are some kind of crack/meth den.

    If my home office looked like that I would set it on fire

  • Hazmat suit and an ass of purell.

  • So? Apparently they are all very serious gamers!

  • These pics reminds me of Borderlands' Trash Coast. Holy Crap couldn't fantom it would possibly be real!

  • Bob Thayer

    That last pic looks like the desktop of a BBS admin I used to be friends with. Just replace all the bottles and cans with empty Jolt 1 liters.

  • Jolt. That totally cracked me up. At least I can say I proudly did the BBS thing years back...but never more than a user.

  • Dirgible

    Nice plate balance on the last one there.

  • Dirgible

    ...also with the last pic, one of the largest collections of cig water i've seen. Imagine how bad that would smell to just sit there...

  • hauntings

    How in the sweet holy moses do you live underground...

  • MostlyPonies

    2nd pic: Nice lamp
    3rd pic: You seriously can't find another chair? Are those seatbelts?
    6, 7, & 9: Looks like it's in someone's dirt-floor basement. And worse, there's a bed. Is someone living there? Granted, you've got a roof over your head, a bed, electricity, and probably internet, but it's one step above living in the streets.

  • Nicholas Boyd-Gibbins
  • The fact that I've talked to some of these people is what's bugging me

  • OneDeadYou

    second picture....MOFO is smart as hell for buying in cases.

  • cabbo

    How much can a new keyboard really cost?

  • The_Teapot

    I've seen post apocalyptic city landscapes and homes neater than these. Holy crap. It really says something when an atomic bomb could actually improve the decor.

  • those are all old as hell. did one of you a-hols just save all those from that /g/thread and send them in?

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