French Bees Produce Blue Honey After Eating M&M Waste

October 5, 2012


French beekeepers in the town Ribeauville noticed their bees started producing blue, green and red honey this summer and they couldn't figure out why. Turns out it was bee-cause the lil stingers were eating the waste from an M&M factory. Hell, I'd eat the waste from an M&M factory too!

The company subsequently published a statement in the French paper La Monde saying it would store all waste from the Mars factory in airtight containers, and process it promptly.

The honey, which is unsellable, and is likely to produce more problems for the beekeepers following a harsh winter and the continually rising bee mortality rates.

Not gonna lie, at first I thought the colored honey was just a marketing gimmick like the green and purple ketchup Heinz tried selling a decade ago. What a disaster that was. In related news, my dog ate a whole bag of Skittles one time and shat solid orange for two days straight.

Hit the jump for a BBC news report.

Thanks to Saif and Ross, who prefer their honey GOLDEN. Me? I prefer my honey boo boo.

  • Holland

    Hey! We were just talking about you and then talking about bees eating M & m's and I didn't believe Ev that it was true so I Googled and YOU have the story....what a crazy world we live in. Miss you :-) So does Cairo.

  • ZomBBombeR

    I'm wondering what waste chemicals in the Mars factory are atracting these bees and making them think it's pollen or nectar?

  • sully

    i will buy it, if we eat colorants all the time what makes colorant honey not edible

  • wow

  • as Fry says : "Take my money !"
    I'm french and have eard about this story, just some clarification :
    - newspaper is "Le monde" (and not La monde)
    - And to be clear, this is not due to "Mars waste", but due to a society who use "every kind of" waste (and Mars society's one) to create methanol (now the society knows this, they will treat these waste in emergency)
    - Even in france, we have not been awared about "why they don't sell them" (except because people wants "normally colored" honey)

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    So can you get your hands on some of this and sell to us or not?

  • ironer

    i'm skeptical. How come the bees that ate a certain color waste only went to one colony and produced one color of honey? You'd think that they'd have been indiscriminate and ate different colors, producing a decidedly mixed color honey...

  • If you watch the video report you would see that in their combs only certain cells had coloured honey. my guess would be they processed the differently coloured cells separately, especially since they would want to maximise the remaining amount of normal edible honey they have left.

  • I don't see how the colored honey is inedible (no one explained this). Maybe it isn't sellable on the traditional market that is looking for standard honey, but i'm pretty sure they can find a market for it. Hell, since Mars is fixing the problem, these jars of honey are a very limited quantity item.

  • Zelda potions IRL!

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I thought all the bees in the world were dead?

  • Ana

    why are you trying so hard to be a smartass around here?

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    the bee population is in a steep decline linked back to pesticides and cell phone towers and you think I am trying to be a smartass? way to waste your time with a comment. <-- now that is being a smartass.

  • Ana

    You are not even funny. You're just.. meeeh.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    wow....I didn't realize the meaning of life until now. that the only reason for my entire existence on this world was to seek your approval. I can see much clearer now. thank you.

  • Ana

    Omg, get over yourself dude.

  • Guest

    Now just imagined if bees ate the stuff from the Skittles factory. Anyone interested in some rainbow honey?

  • Fuck... I'd buy blue honey.

  • Merde abeille colorée. Très savoureux!

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    well actually...its vomit.

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