For Teh Ladies: More Star Wars Dresses/Bathing Suits

October 30, 2012


You notice that 'teh' in the title? That's because I'm a total professional. A total professional who PLAYS BY HIS OWN RULES and doesn't believe in backspacing. Fun fact: whenever I open a new board game the first thing I do is eat the rules, then declare myself king and allowed to make them up as I go along. But enough about why people have stopped showing up for my game nights, this is a bunch of new Star Wars themed fashion for the ladies from Black Milk. I edited a lot of pictures for this post (like 30), so you better go look at them. I did a front, closeup, and rear shot for most, that way you can really appreciate the models' LACK OF ASSES. What the hell, ladies? You need to get off the ellipticals and do some SQUATS. Those asses look like about as much fun as squeezing a picture of a butt on a computer monitor which I've done before and wasn't fun at all. It was sad. "It was a dino." IRRELEVANT.

Hit the jump for some Yoda, Death Star, Boba Fett and...I've already forgotten what else. A bunch of stuff though.



























Thanks to Mica, who doesn't own a single piece of Star Wars related clothing and neither do I. Bedsheets, yes.

  • agatha

    I like the gold legging, (just under the head) it looks like a robot leg :P

  • Mochi

    Fuck Black Milk Clothing. I have never been able to buy a single goddamned thing from them, since they never make back orders of anything and don't take tallies of people who want a certain item. I mean good on you if you have a fast enough internet connection and are pathetic enough to hit "refresh" on the browser page every millisecond when a restock is announced, but as for me I'm sick of trying and getting the "sold out" message every single damn time.

  • lolokay

    I've gotten a few items from them and I have gotten the message once, but i follow their facebook and they keep everyone updated on when restock is and when things are going to be limited. I never rushed and I got every item I wanted while not having to stalk the site. Plus recently I think they've been upping their stock because i've noticed a lot of things are getting bought but not being marked as out of stock. So don't get your panties in a twist.

  • I feel like only really fat black women would wear these...

  • Huge fail, At-Ats missing.

  • asdf

    I C Wht U did thr

  • Guest

    I'm just happy they included Boba Fett.

  • p_shep

    No asses, but I'd still do them.
    One at a time or all at once, I'm easy...

  • Orannis

    R2 and the deathstar are the only ones that don't look terrible.

  • John F

    I agree. R2 is my favourite. Especially that one picture I've seen floating around the web of a tattooed chick wearing one

  • spectre99

    these girls are "pretty" this is not what you want for a swimsuit. you are going for dyammm, imma buy that sh** right fn now!
    eat a cheeseburger or ten and get back to us guys that like our women not looking like a skateboard plank

  • Sassafrass

    Because there's NO such thing as naturally being that skinny, right? *sarcasm*

  • Zukuru

    Don't get too excited, star wars is about to be murdered by the hands of Disney.

  • the antagonist

    Seriously, you think Disney will be any worse than what Lucas himself has already done?

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