Drunk Ghostbuster Backflips Over Officer, Gets Arrested

October 31, 2012


NOTE: Officer drops an f-bomb at 0:17 because it sounds great right before calling someone a stupid idiot (it really does though is the thing).

This is a brief video of a drunk Ghostbuster (presumably Egon) backflipping off the roof of a cop car, OVER an officer, then getting arrested for mischief and being drunk in a public place. Fun fact: I've actually been arrested for both of those on several occasions. I've even been arrested for being drunk in a PRIVATE place before because I called the cops after cutting myself trying to open a package of hotdogs and told them my hand was trying to kill me. WHICH IT WAS. Now? Now they don't even bother answering my calls, which really sucks because I think my hand has been plotting something big.

Hit the jump and cross your fingers none of us get arrested tonight.

Thanks to Tom, who actually added the music to the clip and made a good video EVEN BETTER.

  • Ah - mommy and daddy must be sooo proud!

  • ZomBBombeR

    Lol it was Egon.

  • dallasapollo

    Correction: man gets arrested for making cop look like a total tool. Embarrassing a cop, or even just looking cooler than a cop, is a punishable offense. GB should feel lucky he wasn't beaten then and there.

  • The noob

    That... was a freaking sweet backflip. I am giving it a 9.5. Now, how am I basically the first of of 40 comments to state that? Oh that's right, because everyone is to busy arguing and being know it alls to state the obvious. Duh!? Smacks self on forehead

  • Tool Man

    This actually happened in Peticodiac outside Moncton in New Brunswick, Canada. Around here I would expect cops to react this way. All he got was the drunk tank.

  • Crissaegrim

    They looked at [the camera man] because he blocked their light. He interfered :(

  • I love my country! HAHAHAHA

  • Mr Burn

    The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Polica) squad car and the French spoken by them probably indicate this happened in Quebec or Eastern Ontario

  • Mel D

    Actually it happened in a little village called Petitcodiac, New Brunswick (not far from Moncton) :P

  • ZomBBombeR

    Ok I'm not the only one who noticed it was local lol XD effin' RCMP mind you I've never had problems with them just the bastards in general.

  • i aint afraid of no pigs

  • "put that away, please. you wanna be under arrest too?" when will cops learn that people know about and use the internet and know our rights. even if they have the right to arrest him for w/e reason and hold him for 24 hours, they cannot erase the video, harm him or the camera or actually charge him with anything. Filming this guy being an idiot does not make the cameraman a participant, if he had encouraged him while on film or if the cops had heard him encourage the guy before the camera started, that would be different but from what was shown, that was not the case and the cop appears to have made an empty threat. keep filming!

  • jimmy

    What the hell sort of excuse of a crime is 'mischief'??

    Dennis the Menace caused mischief.

    Also how can it be illegal to be drunk in a public place? We have to smoke outside of pubs now. And it must be illegal then to Walk home from a bar!

  • TBozzly

    Ha, that logic bomb exploded right in their faces! Now lets all pretend the ground is lava on the way back from the pub and see how the deal with that!
    I said PUBLIC lava mister law man.

  • agatha

    That was cool! Even with the music! Haha

  • rbl001

    TIL american cops are actually allowed to be morbidly obese like the movies.

  • wapstar

    Is that John Candy playing the role of Police Officer number 1?

  • **Puts on Sunglasses** "So I guess you could say he was.... "ghostbusted" Yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

  • In the UK, because you are on public ground and the police are public
    servants, you are perfectly entitled to film them as much as you want. They may not be very happy about it, but that is their problem.

  • What if it interferes with their job performance or by filming you are possibly involving yourself in a felony?

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