Dragon PJ's: Now I Just Need A Pile Of Gold To Sleep On

October 24, 2012


These are some $63 dragon pajamas. They're pajamas with a dragon hood attached so you and your lover can play Save the Princess in the bedroom. Granted I'm not sure how the hell Save the Princess works when YOU'RE the one dressed as a dragon, but my guess is it involves another dude kicking the door down swinging a plastic sword. Me? I have a strict "Maximum Occupancy: 2" rule in the bedroom. I have enough trouble knowing what I'm supposed to do with one other person, I can't imagine the dynamic with three or more. There'd be butts and stuff everywhere. Who am I touching? Is this a wiener? This is a wiener isn't it? It feels weird holding one that's not my own. You know what? You all have fun, I think I'm just gonna go make a sandwich.

Hit the jump for two other designs that look more like dinosaurs even though they call them dragons. The couple in that last photo though -- that's what I want.



Thanks to Becca, who agrees they should come with one of those butt-flaps for easy access. Yeah! Wait -- for easy access to what?

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