Don't Tell PETA: Japanese Pokemon Anatomy Posters

October 12, 2012


These are three Pokemon anatomy posters designed by DeviantARTist RYE-BREAD (OMG, I loooove rye). This is Charmander here, but there's a Squirtle and Bulbasaur after the jump. As you'll see, they all have guts and stuff. Plus things that make their special powers able to function, like Charmander's fire heart and lava bladder. You know what a potion-brewing witch would be willing to trade for a fire heart? "Troll toes?" Rarer. "Fairy wings?" Try dragon peens, brobro. Those things pack some serious magika.

Hit the jump for the other two.



Thanks to Shane, who didn't like anatomy class because of the smell of the formaldehyde. Right? It's no gasoline.

  • Jon Alfred

    First bitches! And I'll Pokebattle with anyone who argues with me. Isn't that right Magikarp!

  • Squirtle doesn't have a brain?

  • Sh17C0que

    But he has a big heart. :)

  • ZomBBombeR

    Even in a cutaway view, the first pokémon in their baby forms are adorable, and in my twenties I still wish those things existed.

  • Guest

    First Comment!! oh! too late :(

  • Remember when people used to have 'First' comment fights? Where did all your fans go bro bro?

  • ZomBBombeR

    Most people got over the idea of caring who had the privelidge to read a certain article first and those who still seem to care get no respect from the rest so it seems.

  • $18922249

    Down arrow... That's where!

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