Damn Rich People (Got No Class): Gold-Plated MacBooks

October 15, 2012


Because this is the sad, sad world we live in, Computer Choppers (think West Coast Choppers, then forget West Coast Choppers and think of a company that just coats electronics in expensive metals) is selling 24k gold-plated MacBooks. They're perfect for the person who wants their computer to make a statement. In this case, "please steal from me and don't even feel bad about it." The 11" MacBook Air model starts at $7,500 and the 13" regular MacBook at $8,500 -- although I don't even know why I'm posting price info because none of you are going to buy one. I guess that was just my journalistic integrity getting the best of me. "Dammit GW, you are not a journalist." Right? Plus have zero integrity.

Hit the jump for a bunch of closeups.







Thanks to myself, for just being so handsome and rugged and fun to be around.

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