Creepy As Hell: Caterpillar With A Skull On Its Head

October 16, 2012

This is Phylllodes Imperialis, the Imperial Fruit Sucking Moth, in its caterpillar form. It has a giant skull and eyeballs on its head to scare away predators. It worked on me and I'm not even a predator. There are some much better shots after the jump courtesy of planet.nerd's Flickr, which show one's skull-face from all angles. Because we need that. If I had to see it, so do you -- that's how this works.

Hit the jump for the coolest Halloween accessory since the plastic pirate cutlass.





Thanks to Vanessa, who told me I could go trick-or-treating with her. Cool, but only if we go to the rich neighborhoods where they hand out full-size candy bars.

  • It looks like Mini Yoshi and a squid head all rolled into one. It's looks really cute in the pictures but if I saw that near me I'd run to the other side of the house. No lie!!!

  • Machoke


  • Ghost from Modern Warfare lol

  • gomugomu

    Throws pokeball

  • Lee David Peterson

    There you go Nintendo, a new Pokemon that would be interesting
    Less Trubbish, more this

  • Sh17C0que


  • Adam Hardix

    Looks like something escaped from Hueco Mundo.

  • jimmy

    yes! another Bleach fan!

  • Better yet, we will go to Bob Hopes house where they hand out frisbees!

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I thought Bob Hope was dead? Why is he handing out frisbees for Halloween? Are they chocolate?

  • Not sure why but Scruffy can't help but imagine it speaking with a Jamaican accent.

  • Tharn Coultas

    I read that in Scruffy's voice...
    Oh well, time to go on break.

  • mjosh

    The first one looks like Charmander. "Char.. Char... Charmander!"

  • Guest

    *throws pokeball*

  • Parrot


  • Guest

    *throws phoenix down*

  • Cute.

  • Tharn Coultas

    Isn't it? I WANT ONE

  • blattacker

    One? I want 6!!!

  • Pascale Laviolette

    Agreed, this lil' guy is cute.

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