Come On, God -- Enough Is Enough: Cyclops Cat Born

October 10, 2012


Note: Uncensored shot has the potential to steal your soul, hit the jump at your own risk.

This is Cleyed the Cyclops kitty. Sadly, he only lived a short time because, you know, you're not supposed to be born a cyclops. No offense to you real Cyclopes out there -- but I will be coming for you and I will sword you all in the eyeballs and steal your treasure. "They're not leprechauns, GW, they don't HAVE treasure." Well what the hell do they have then? "Mostly sadness and poor hygiene." That's depressing, what else? "Not 3-D vision!" Hoho, good one! *stab stab stab* Apparently you didn't notice my eyepatch.

Hit the jump for the uncensored shot and a brief video of Cleyed's short but sweet stay on earth. Sleep well, sweet prince.


Thanks to PYY, who agrees ol' Cleyed is probably looking down on us from heaven right now but can't tell if the earth is really far away or close enough to touch if he just reached out a paw.

  • Johny

    Know what's cool? There's a similar condition for human beings!

  • agatha

    I nearly trew up!! :'( And not because it's gross, but he/she is handling it so rough! Burry it and stop touching it! Sicko!! -_-

  • ZomBBombeR

    Aww I would totally have loved and nurtutred a cat like that should it have survived, poor little guy, and queue the saddest guitar and lyrics lol, damn videos.

  • Parrot

    Are the other kittens all right?

  • Mighty Molecule

    feel like someone should mention space bat or something, because when it comes to living your dream, even if its a short time, that creature fucking lived it...

  • DrZanz

    I've seen strange dead animals before. Not one of them cast a single shadow... just sayin'.

  • ZomBBombeR

    Well this poor little dude did R.I.P. Cleyed.

  • Crucial

    This is the saddest thing eye have seen today.

  • Watch out what you're saying.

  • poor creature!! =(((

  • as far as i know, cyclop have a "treasure"...they can see in the future...but the only thing they can see is the moment of their own death (just to let you know)

  • miaoumiam

    fucking god

  • $18922249

    Good riddance!

    Bring on the down votes, you insane cat-loving motherfuckers!

  • $18922249


  • Ragnogroth

    It's the ugliest kitten I have ever seen.
    But damn, it would have been a bad ass cat if it grew up to be an adult :/

  • Perina

    damn you man. It almost made me cry!

  • AGirlNamedMichael

    Kittens are born with their eyes unopened- the eyelids are not separated yet...I am skeptical about this one.

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    Clearly he didn't develop right, good chance his eyelids were never there. (In what little I could watch he didn't blink)

  • RareAwesomeman

    damn it, i wanted it so bad...

  • shinah santiago

    Why didn't you warn us about the MUSIC GW!!! So sad :(

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