Best Zombie Themed Wedding Photo You'll See All Day

October 18, 2012


Note: Click HERE for a nicer, higher-res version.

Geekologie reader Josiah got married to his beautiful bride over the summer, and had the photographer take a shot of the entire wedding party pretending to be zombies and he and his wife as zombie slayers, then Photoshopped the hell out of it. This is the result. It's almost enough to make me want to get married. "GW? I'm not sure if you're actually marriage material." Jesus, I'm not even living material, and yet here I am. "I could change that." FINISH ME.

Hit the jump for a worthwhile timelapse of Josiah doing all the Photoshop work.

Thanks Josiah, now maybe Photoshop a shirtless picture of me standing atop a pile of dead robots? Give me muscles if you can.

  • I would love to marry you, cause I would literally laugh my ass off..!

  • RadXCor

    Also, this is completely fake. Total Photoshop job. You can tell by the shadows. They're all wrong.

  • Ana

    wow, really?

  • WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? that's my grandparents house!!! better f#kin be photoshopped!

  • I had a cousin whose wedding ended up a bit like this.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    do you speak of a zombie horde or the bride and groom attacking the party with baseball bats and automatic weapons?

  • Not really zombies (unless drunks count) and no guns...or actual bats, but war pretty much broke out. And the fire brigade had to be called out.

  • Zombies are really stating to annoy me, too much fandom has ruined it.

  • spectre99

    very cool, BUT you appear to be doomed. you should have gone with the ak, AND, if there is only one rifle, sweatpee is on reload while im mowing down crackers.

  • Josiah Moore

    Thank you ALL so very much for the kind words and the feature!!! So happy to see others enjoying all the hard work! :)

  • $18922249

    Really amazing work. I certainly appreciate the work that goes into this sort of a thing when I can see a time-lapse of it. Thanks for the cool image and even cooler demo video.

  • rikster81

    this shit needs to stop, we had that really happen in miami and looked how everybody recations was, didnt know what the fuck was happening, police were called and didnt know what was happening and a poor soul lost most of his face. there was no gun slinging hero, shit got real and nobody knew how to react and everybody was scared

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    and that is exactly how it will really happen if it does. denial is always the first step and there was only that one instance in that area (yes I know similar cases happened in other areas of the country) society has been programmed to ignore. fight or flight is slowly being removed from our sub-conscious. IF that would have been real AND multiple cases started swarming the city you would definitely see people react...once the denial stage wore off.

  • You do know that that guy wasn't an actual zombie, don't you?

  • Forblat

    This one time I saw wedding photos that were just wedding photos. It was really weird....

  • Forblat

    (But to be fair that is some impressive photoshoppery!)

  • lydia

    stop fucking posting these, no one cares.

  • I care.

  • baconwrapped

    Why use the gun? The invisible zombie barrier seems to be working just fine.

  • Patrick Caldwell

    Would regret once I become an adult....

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