Another Day, Another Functional Fallout Pip-Boy Replica

October 26, 2012


Because I was just thinking of going back to beat New Vegas again and collecting the rest of the trophies (I game on a PS3, I'm such a noobler!), here's a functional Pip-Boy 3000 replica made by Zim Props. It's not the first Pip-Boy replica we've seen, it's just...I dunno, the first new one we've seen this week. That's something. SOMETHING I WANT ON MY WRIST. *mashing buttons trying to Stimpak myself to death*

Hit the jumps for a bunch more shots and a video.






Thanks to Zachariah, who actually made the thing and should probably donate it to GW's Museum of Stuff I will Wear Every Day Until I Die.

  • Wiktor Gołębiewski

    shhh shhh...
    shut up and take my money...

  • Sonia Nevermind

    Oh mon dieu *-* JE VEUX LE MÊME *o*

  • kooltavy :3

  • Sonia Nevermind

    Mais oui c'est clair ! Ce site utilise disqus aussi.

  • Tatertot

    Dude THIS IS F***ing Awesome! Must have one or i may have a sudden rush of insanity!

  • Come on, it's not even functional (just images). The computer I wear on my wrist is less designed, but at least it works.

  • Can someone tell me where to throw my money?!? I want this so bad

  • Give me this meow! I will trade you my life essence!

  • Yesterdays Jam

    yes, manufacture more, sell them! take my money!

  • I dont want one i NEED one!!! Please make more then start selling, I do know that it will be hard etc but you will make so much money off this....btw you're an awesome brother.

  • Ozimov

    No need to chop (a) Gary's arm off to get it

  • want it so bad!!!!

  • RyanDel Vecchio

    Seriously, so awesome. What a cool brother. #brotherlylove

  • I want this so bad it hurts :(

  • Punx

    man i want one, does anyone know how to get one. even if its just the original clock?

  • CrazyUncleNicola

    It's I dunno the first you could wear on your wrist.
    Holding out for an eventual wearable Pimpboy 3 billion.

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