Amateur Astronomer Captures Video Of Hovering UFO

October 25, 2012


Seen here looking nothing like the alien spacecraft that comes to beam me up for my annual enema, the UFO spotted by amateur Kentucky astronomer Allen Epling is seen hovering in the sky. I think it might just be a plastic bag.

According to CBS affiliate WYMT-TV, Epling, pictured at right, said the object "looked like two fluorescent bulbs, side by side, parallel, shining very brightly. It would get so bright they would seem to merge, and you could see it very clearly with the naked eye. Then it would dim down almost invisible."

On Epling's YouTube posting of his UFO video he wrote: "I want to emphasize that the object is NOT moving. The picture is unsteady because I had to hold the camera in hand while trying to video it through the eyepiece of the telescope."

He added that his sighting "was with clear, cloudless skies, no aircraft in sight, altitude unknown but definitely above airliner cruising altitude."

I posted the video that Epling shot after the jump, but, just like most UFO footage, it looks like it was filmed by somebody having a seizure. Still, what WAS that thing? Let the speculation begin! *looking at watch* And time's up, let the speculation end. "You're not even wearing a watch." Yeah? Well I don't need a watch to know it's TIME TO CARE ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE. Don't act like you have an attention span.

Hit the jump for the shaky-ass video.

Thanks to Christina, who knows there are aliens out there, this just isn't them.

  • DieSirene

    Personally, I think too many people are way too quick to write off UFO sightings as the domain of nutjobs and whackos, because the term UFO has become synonymous with alien spacecrafts. Even if you or I saw one, and no matter what we thought it was or could be, we may not be so keen to tell people, because there is a stigma associated (much like mental illness), in which a normal member of society who claims to see one is suddenly one of "those people." And nobody is saying all UFOs are alien flying saucers...the term "unidentified flying object" is pretty all-inclusive, it could more likely be hundreds of junk, a reflection, a military aircraft being tested that for pretty obvious reasons won't be mentioned on your news channel (the Stealth Bomber was the subject of numerous reported UFO sightings before its existence was officially confirmed), or it could really be any number of things that fly, seen under odd lighting or angles. But I do think that it would be foolish for anyone to claim with certainty that it is or isn't some kind of life from outer space, because who can prove that without a doubt? but that's probably the last thing a UFO is likely to be, since extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence...but to think we are the only living things in this entire universe seems pretty ignorant to me. But several people in the region claimed to see this object, several people who I know personally and work with all over KY and OH who are NOT weirdo nutjob rednecks with no teeth that live in a cave in the Appalachians and said, "I sure did see that flyin' ale-ien' saucer and I wen n put duc' taype on ma butthole!", no, they are normal people with families and good full-time jobs and advanced degrees. what's more likely, that ALL of them are crazy nutjobs that jerk off to sci-fi, or that there was actually a strange-looking object in the sky? Again, no one said this was a friggin flying saucer, but that yes, there was something odd-looking in the sky? The way that people try to discredit the fact that this guy and many others saw anything AT ALL makes me wonder who is really being logical and who isn't (not anyone on this thread in particular, but just in general, the way UFO sightings are generally treated, when no one is making any sort of claims about an explanation behind it, just that yes, they saw pretty absurd I think)

  • On this video they say the astronomer used a 150 power magnification to film the object, which stayed around 2 hours. It's also being said that the astronomer's wife watched the object 'disappear'.

    So I guess I stand corrected, and it was an issue of the media not giving enough details. A bit surprised, given how Lee Spiegel (the guy writing for the Huff) is one of the best journalist covering the UFO subject.

    On top of that, there are many other reports coming from different states which seems to indicate the object was seen by a lot of people.

  • I didn't personally see this, but I have a friend who works at the local radio station here in Murfreesboro, TN who received a lot of calls from locals reporting a UFO around 1pm on the 10-15-12. He said he personally saw it also, but it also stayed in the sky for about 2 hours and then just disappeared. Something government related, maybe?

  • Thanks for mentioning this. It certainly refutes the silly arguments that it was just a reflection, or a paper clip attached to the end of the telescope.

    Quite certainly it could be a military experiment. Heck, the first thing it came to mind when I saw this was "Robert Bigelow?"

  • Witty Name

    It's the International Space Station.

  • Jim

    2012 prophecies are true! We are all going to be slayed by the paperclip aliens!!! Ahhhh!!! Invest in your large magnets now! Only $19.95 supplies limited

  • Y u no check facts? Google search for Allen Epling reveals he is a science+religion author/nutcase. He proposes God created Adam, the Garden of Eden, and domesticated animals just 6000 years ago....

  • Well, James Watson was the co-discoverer of the DNA double helix, and a pillar of Science.

    He also is a major racist douchebag. Does that mean I get to discard his WHOLE scientific contribution, or distrust every single thing he says out of hand because of my personal opinion of him?


    No, but believing in a myth as fact can give you insight into a person's psyche and willingness to believe in the paranormal/superstitious.

    I guarantee you'd feel differently if Mr. Epling was a firm believer in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. If your response to this is, "Well, duh, FSM is just ridiculous! You'd have to be crazy to ACTUALLY believe that it's true." Well then, that's how some people feel about religion and religious "theories".

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    OH NO! The neon people are coming for us! Run for the hills!!

  • Scott

    It's a paper clip on a car hood ... You can see the rounded edges at a few points

  • jimmy

    Ha it probaly is! Looking at around 0.44, it really does appear top be a
    paper clip! Most probably on a blue surface, shot at about a metre away...

  • Normally I'd be excited at the prospect of celestial visitors putting a metal turkey baster in my butt to see what makes me tick, but Kentucky's version of Galileo with the palsy filming flying dildos bores the nipples off me. Sorry, GW. If anyone needs me I'll be licking the picture of the Ripley bust I printed out the other day. boner boner boner

  • Dino

    this looks dumb, on another story, once i was driving along and i thought to myself "it'd be awesome if something cool appeared in the night sky", and literally a few seconds later something like a shooting star shot straight down , kind of like a small and quick spark

  • That, my friend, is *much* more common than you think ;)

    Consciousness plays a big part in the phenomenon IMO. That's probably one of the few definite conclusions I've been able to reach, after almost 30 years of reading and learning about these things.

  • sam

    its just the reflection of the lights inside the room he is in fuckin idiots

  • martinitime1975

    Uhh, that's a close up of a paperclip.

  • PoliticalTruth

    Here is another Video of stills, much better.

  • Not A Clown

    I've literally seen infants handle a camera better than this clown.

  • DieSirene

    NO WAY!!! my boss and I have been talking about this all morning, she claimed she saw a UFO last night that looked like 2 columns. she just pointed at the screen going, "OMG, that's what I saw!!" A bunch of other people at our regional offices (we're in cincinnati) saw it too and some called the police (which seems a little extreme to me, lol...what are they gonna do, shoot at it?). The best part is that this morning the power went out at the same time in 6 of our offices across kentucky, all at least an hour from each other. We've been joking about being probed by aliens all day and having a good laugh about it, but quite a few people, hours away from each other, saw it too!!

    here's another article about it with a better picture:


  • For some reason my reply to you wasn't posted --WTF GW?-- but my advice to you is to report it to the MUFON webpage.

    Only 1 out of 10 UFO encounters is ever reported. That's why people like Stephen Hawking can go out and say something as STUPID as claiming that 'UFOs only seem to appear before cranks and weirdos.'

    For shame Mr. Hawking, for shame.

  • DieSirene

    haha, thanks, I will definitely do that!!

    oh stephen hawking, you are so lol-able...

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