Air New Zealand's Hobbit Themed Airplane Safety Video

October 31, 2012


Hey, lady on the left -- you picked THE WRONG F***ING FLIGHT.

As a cross-promotion for the Hobbit movie coming out and tourism to New Zealand where it was filmed, Weta Workshop teamed up with Air New Zealand to produce this Hobbit themed airplane safety video to show before takeoff. It features cameos from some of the actors, as well as director Peter Jackson. Gollum's in there too, creeping around on the floor and crawling between people's legs when they're asleep. I'll tell you one thing -- if Gollum's ever on my plane I'm locking that little monster in the bathroom the whole flight. I don't care if we all have to pee in ginger ale cans the whole trip, he's not coming out. "What if I have to go number two?" Good question. If you have to go number two you are A TERRIBLE PLANNER. This is a two hour flight, jackass.

Hit the jump for more accents than you can shake a stick at.

Thanks to Chris, who agrees the scariest thing about flying is realizing you're 32,000 feet in the air with nothing between you and a long fall but half a tin can and seat cushion.

  • JimmyThr

    Goddammit New Zealand, you used to be the place i wanted to go when I had enough money

  • Finley Brentwood

    That Elvish Hostess is the hottest thing I've ever seen

  • Girgear

    LOL Sauron

  • SAO

    We have to turn off our electronic devices, but the Witch King of Angmar can wear his spiky headgear? That's some bullsh-t right there.

  • Spartikiss

    That was... disturbing.

  • RareAwesomeman

    new zealand is really pushing the whole lord of the rings thing hard right now

  • Tom

    Smug business premier

  • amish_vampire

    am i the only one who hoped for a horrible planecrash?

  • phhh hahaha! you're mean. XD

  • JCB5150

    Yes. Boo to you, Amish.

  • Guest


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