Ah Yes, The Ol' Cannonball Into A Frozen Pool Fail

October 17, 2012


Note: Guy drops a line of expletives at the 0:20 mark. They really add something though so watch that part if you can.

This is a video of Toughguy McShatteredtailbone trying to cannonball into a frozen pool in Germany. Unfortunately for dude's coccyx, the pool is like REALLY frozen. "I don't think so, @$$hole" I imagine the pool saying to itself when he was midair. "Maybe next summer you'll think twice before pissing in me."

Hit the jump and watch brobro learn his lesson.

Thanks to The Superficial Writer, who knows what I like, and it's people hurting themselves.

  • kuchgesichtiger_limb

    geile type wa!

  • Evans Cedar Beehives

    Did that look WAY higher than it actually was to anyone else? It looked like 10 feet up at first. Not that it matters much, it looked painful as hell.

  • Guest

    That looked way higher than it was...

  • Proctor

    The best bit is when he tries to jump in.

  • I dare you not to laugh

  • Fart

    This week on Slovakian Jackass, Steve-O attempts to Yokozuna a frozen pool! Get out of the bread line and find your nearest run-down department store window so you can watch as the hilarity ensures!

  • Gasm

    Better put some ice on that.

  • Adamant

    First a black eye now a broken ass. I would love to hear the explaining to the nurse why his butt is that rainbowy color.

  • n11

    That is rather funny and looked pretty painful! XD

  • The Wolfman


  • disqus_BIYFnEmgDC

    that's about 1:17
    minutes of unnecessary video

  • momoney5259

    wrong...listening to the guys laughing was the best part

  • bigbillyrocka

    Das ist Ein Grosse idiot.
    Would have been cooler (get it?) to see a nice belly flop.

  • MC

    "Goat!? Mada fuka, fuk da fukin coat, and my new band is called Seizekill. Buuhaaaa!"

    Well said, couldn't have said it better myself. Fortunately if he had died and those had been his last words, he would have died honorably and with a true message to the world.

  • daiya

    Even if he had broken the ice, there's still a good possibility he'd have trouble getting back out if he didn't resurface immediately where the hole was.

  • Mostafa Alattar

    Oh mein Arse

  • Sylvain Gagn√©

    Hahahahahahahaha! like that!

  • Dude's like the German Steve-O.

  • Rogo

    It would've been awesome if at the end the ice broke and he did fall in after all that pain.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    instead of laughing I would have been grabbing that potted plant and lobbing it right beside that guy.

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